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Investing to ensure a vibrant independent media throughout Europe

Pluralis invests in successful news companies that provide independent, quality reporting in countries in Europe where a plural media is at risk. Grounding each of our investments is the belief that citizens’ access to a plurality of news sources is fundamental for sustaining European democracy. Our investment framework is explicitly non-partisan: we invest in independent media companies practicing responsible high-quality journalism, regardless of editorial orientation.

Securing editorial independence

Editorial independence is fundamental to the reputation of quality journalism outlets and to the commercial success of businesses which own them. Pluralis invests in companies to secure editorial independence rather than undermine it.

We recognise that the management and employees of successful independent media companies are their greatest asset. We seek to work with shareholders and staff in the companies in which we invest in order to safeguard the company’s independence and maximise its long-term prospects.

Hallmarks of our investment approach

Our aim when investing in a company is twofold: to support and strengthen its management and its business prospects and to help preserve the editorial independence of its news operations. From long experience, we know that a strong business is the best guarantor of editorial independence.


Our shareholders and management bring a wealth of expertise and experience in the media business. We support management through active board participation, and transfer of leading-edge industry expertise that can facilitate company growth and value creation.


In line with our ethos, Pluralis eschews any involvement with a company’s editorial decision-making.


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Blended finance to support media pluralism

Plurality underpins everything we do. Pluralis investments support media that play a vital role in providing diverse, reliable news and information in markets where pluralism is under threat.


But that’s not all. Pluralis has a wide range of funders and investors, from grant-making foundations to leading European media houses. This blended finance approach means that investee companies benefit from a highly diverse ownership structure, preventing any perception of bias or external influence, which is crucial for maintaining their reputation for integrity and impartiality. Moreover, investee companies are also able to draw on a deep well of strategic and technical knowledge from Pluralis investors, helping them to optimize the investment and take advantage of emerging opportunities.



Pluralis investors and governance
Pluralis B.V. is a Dutch limited liability company duly organised under the laws of the Netherlands with its seat in Amsterdam. The company's shareholders, investors and partners are a group of prestigious European media companies, democracy-supporting foundations and impact investors, including:
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Other Pluralis investors include Tradicor (a family office), KIM, VP Capital and Maxime Kurkdjian. Pluralis is managed by MDIF.

The Pluralis Supervisory Board consists of:
  • Chair: Thomas Leysen, Chairman, Mediahuis
  • Adrian Arena, Director, International Human Rights, Oak Foundation
  • James Beaver, Director of Finance and Operations, Economic Justice Program and Soros Economic Development Fund
  • Maribel Königer, Director of Communications, Journalism and Media, ERSTE Foundation
  • Harlan Mandel, CEO, MDIF
  • Ivo Prokopiev, Publisher, Economedia
  • Stefan Schäfers, Director, King Baudouin Foundation
  • Kjersti Løken Stavrum, CEO and Member of the Board, Tinius Trust
  • Adriaan Stoop, Attorney, Bergh, Stoop & Sanders
  • Secretary: Patrice Schneider, Chief Strategy Officer, MDIF
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Pluralis currently invests in the following media companies that provide their audiences with quality, independent fact-based reporting and critical opinion and analysis:
News and resources

Report: Media Capture in Europe


Central Europe's Media-capture Epidemic


In the Service of Power: Media Capture and the Threat to Democracy

Other resources
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